Our work showcases how light can take on a multitude of rates in architecture, built environments and cities through innovative combinations of arts and commerce. We also design bespoke luminaries and work with manufactures to create something amazing.

We believe that lighting design is a collaborative process. Meticulous attention to detail and an intrinsic understanding of the way their professional partners work, make them a vital and trusted partner for any design team. Working closely with clients, designers, architects and contractors ensures that all aspects of the built environment have been considered and every lighting scheme produced is of the finest quality

Lighting control plays an intrinsic part in beautiful lighting. A great lighting scheme is made up of many individual parts. How those individual parts are controlled can dramatically affect how we interact with a space and ultimately how we feel. Simplicity is key. Lighting control systems are the simplest way to enhance any lighting scheme, creating mood and atmosphere whilst providing convenience, comfort and energy efficiency. They can also be expanded to control your curtains and blinds or integrated as part of a home automation system, controlling sound & vision, heating, and security. LD Plus understand the importance of good lighting control and use their extensive knowledge and expertise to design perfect lighting control solutions, tailored to your lifestyle.

Our scope of expertise ranges from strategic Concept Development through to Detailed Design & Project Delivery. Contexts range from Public Realm to Residential