Leading the world in fully integrated lighting control and building automation solutions, since 1989.

When you choose Philips Dynalite, you are selecting the world’s finest lighting control system. Tried and tested in more than 30,000 projects, we have implemented some of the largest and most extensive control networks around the globe. The same robust technology can be used in any application, on any scale.
Philips Dynalite is a business that forms part of the Global Systems Group within Philips Professional Lighting Solutions. The Global Systems Group now includes several worldwide leaders in LED lighting and advanced lighting controls – including Color Kinetics, Dynalite, CityTouch, Large Luminous Surfaces and Teletrol.
Combined, these groups offer over 80 years of market knowledge and experience in developing best-in-class lighting solutions and controls. By bringing these organizations together, the Philips Global Systems Group builds on our extraordinary strengths and depth of expertise to bring industry-leading connected lighting systems to our valued customers and partners.
Our experience and expertise are unrivaled and our reputation is based on delivering successful outcomes for difficult and challenging projects. So, it is not really a matter of “Why use Philips Dynalite?” but “Why use anything else?”

Philips Dynalite – the intelligent choice

  • Philips Dynalite creates sophisticated, reliable, and energy-efficient lighting control solutions for residential, offices, retail, hospitality, industry, stadiums, public spaces, and more.
  • Philips Dynalite leads the industry with over 25 years of total commitment to delivering innovative energy management, home/buildingautomation, and architectural lighting solutions.
  • Philips Dynalite invests significantly in R&D to remain world leaders in lighting management systems.
  • Philips Dynalite integrates advanced functionality with aesthetic and sustainable lighting control to enhance ROI, productivity, and user comfort.
  • Philips Dynalite achieves global recognition for its solutions, and is the system of choice for projects involving third-party integration – from small to large.
  • Philips Dynalite ensures that your projects are delivered on time and supported through life with an extensive portfolio of hardware and software products and local and regional support services.