TIG welding

TIG welding

General catalogue 2012 - TIG welding

DC portable equipment - Maintenance and professional range, DC equipment - Industrial range, AC/DC equipment, PROTIG NG torches, WTT2 TIG torches, tungsten electrodes, accessories, MICROPLASMA and TIG process.


TIG AC/DC machine for welding specialists

PRESTOTIG AC/DC machines are designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding welders. Optimum performance is associated with the ruggedness necessary for daily work both in the workshop and on site.


Industrial range

The best of TIG welding using inverter technology for the most demanding welders. Single or three-phase portable inverters for MMA and TIG DC high quality work on non-alloyed or stainless steels.

PRESTOTIG PFC/PRO - Professional range

Portable TIG DC welding installations

PRESTOTIG DC Professional offers leading technology in TIG DC welding with a user friendly interface. Additional features include program storage capability and improved reliability due to Power Factor Control technology. PRESTOTIG DC Professional range delivers more power with reduced consumption: up to 220 A with a domestic 16 A plug.


Manual TIG Welding Torches

With this new range, Saf-Fro provides 2 new designs : Round handle series (RL), designed for worksite applications, easy to handle, and easy to maintain and Ergonomic handle series (EB), designed for workshop applications, very confortable to use, with various options in a modular system.