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The brand

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Welding in partnership

Saf-Fro, a brand owned by Air Liquide Welding

Since there foundation in 1909 and 1924, SAF and FRO have never ceased to participate in the evolution of the welding and cutting profession. At the beginning, using the autogeneous oxyacetylene flame welding technique, SAF (La Soudure Autogène Française) and FRO (Fabbriche Riunite Ossigeno) were presented as the most important companies on the welding markets in France and Italy. Since 1993, SAF and FRO have been integrated into the Air Liquide Welding group, which allows our customers to benefit from global solutions, processes, gases, equipment and consumables. SAF and FRO are now united to provide the best welding and cutting.

Research and development

Thanks to CTAS (Technical Centre for Welding Applications) and the design offices of our production units, we can offer innovative solutions to improve your productivity, your production quality as well as your industrial environment. By integrating and mastering the latest technologies, and by constantly improving the existing processes, equipment and consumables we create tomorrow’s products.

Listening to ours customers

What helps us to create and propose these specific innovations is our capacity of listening to your needs and understanding your requirements thanks to the permanent feed-back of our technical and commercial teams. They understand perfectly that your company is under a constant competition pressure, on your specific markets and that you need to adapt your organization to a moving environment, the best answer being an improvement of productivity…

A recognised quality

In order to permanently provide our customers with quality consumables and equipment, all our production units are ISO certified. For the same reason of quality excellence, to warranty our customers an efficient handling of their orders, sales administration and customers service are also ISO certified.