The Air Liquide Welding group

The Air Liquide Welding group

Saf-Fro is a brand owned by Air Liquide Welding

The brand
Welding in partnership

Since there foundation in 1909 and 1924, SAF and FRO have never ceased to participate in the evolution of the welding and cutting profession. At the beginning, using the autogeneous oxyacetylene flame welding technique, SAF (La Soudure Autogène Française) and FRO (Fabbriche Riunite Ossigeno) were presented as the most important companies on the welding markets in France and Italy. Since 1993, SAF and FRO have been integrated into the Air Liquide Welding group, which allows our customers to benefit from global solutions, processes, gases, equipment and consumables. SAF and FRO are now united to provide the best welding and cutting.


SAF-FRO serving the most diverse markets.

  • Shipyard : construction and repair
  • Automotive : construction, equipment supplier, repair...
  • Transportation equipment : railway, trailers, containers...
  • Infrastructure : tack welded construction, metallic construction, pipelines...
  • Boiler making
  • Pipe Mills
  • Machines and equipment : agriculture, lifting apparatus, public works...
  • Institution : teaching, training,...
  • Offshore and onshore
  • Others : foundry, aeronautic and space, lamp posts, cycles, oxycutter...

SAF-FRO leadership of the main welding and cutting processes.

Distribution strategy

Discover our global distribution strategy aimed to reinforce effective partnership between Air Liquide Welding and its distributors.

The Air Liquide Group

Saf-Fro is a brand owned by Air Liquide Welding.

Our vision:

Performance and innovation to offer customers the best with regards to products, solutions and services, and to be the European reference for welding.

Our job:

Designing, manufacturing and sales of products, processes, systems, solutions and related services adapted to industrial customers' needs for welding and cutting of materials.

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