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Who we are

Air Liquide is the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment, and is present in 80 countries with 46,200 employees.

Key figures 2011
Our business

In 80 countries, Air Liquide supplies its customers in extremely diverse industries such as steel industry, food and beverage, electronics or pharmaceuticals. In order to match the needs of all of these clients, the Group is organized in different World Business Lines.

Our management

The Executive Management team manages the Group, within the orientation determined by the Board of directors, in accordance with its articles of association and the law. It establishes Group's strategy relying on the Executive Committee for overall coordination and implementation.

Executive Management
  • Benoit Potier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Pierre Dufour, Senior Executive Vice-President
  • Jean Pierre Duprieu, Executive Vice-President
Executive Committee
  • Francois Darchis, Senior Vice-President, Engineering & Construction, Research and Technology, and also supervising the Industrial Merchant, Electronics and Healthcare World Business Lines.
  • Jean-Marc de Royere, Senior Vice-President, Asia-Pacific.
  • Fabienne Lecorvaisier, Group Vice-President, Finance and Operations Control.
  • Guy Salzgeber, Vice-President, Northern and Central Europe.
  • Augustin de Roubin, Vice-President, Southern and Eastern Europe (including France), and Welding and Diving activities.
  • Michael J. Graff, Vice-President, Americas and also supervising Safety and Industrial Systems.
  • Mok Kwong Weng, Vice-President, North and South-East Asia.
  • François Abrial, Vice-President, Human Resources
  • Pascal Vinet, Vice-President, Healthcare activities
Our strategy

As needs change and the world evolves, Air Liquide must seize new opportunities related to the change in the balance of power between Developing and Advanced economies, the growth of energy and environmental sectors, and the rapid development of health and high technologies.

In order to reach its 2015 Objectives and achieve its ambition, Air Liquide implemented the ALMA 2015 program for the 2011-2015 period. The program is built on 8 initiatives.

4 strategic drivers to perform
  • Building leadership positions
  • Enhancing global competitiveness
  • Enlarging our offer through constant innovation
  • Developing talents and skills
4 enablers to transform and adapt the company to its new environment
  • Improving our customer mindset
  • Increasing our attractiveness
  • Behaving responsibly
  • Cultivating entrepreneurial behavior

ALMA 2015 will thus enable the Group to hold its course for long-term development from its five growth drivers that have maintained their potential: Energy, the Environment, Health, Developing Economies and High-Tech.

Our growth drivers

The Group identified five growth drivers which will enable to improve its medium-term development

Energy: contributing to a transformation within the energy industry

Energy is one of today’s main issues. Increases in demand, notably in Developing economies, have accelerated the depletion of fossil resources, which are damaging to the environment when used in large quantities. In this context, it’s important to change our methods of producing and consuming energy. Air Liquide has decided to actively contribute to this evolution.

Environment: preserving our atmosphere

The constant rise in worldwide industrial production has brought about mounting energy needs. For the moment, these needs are mostly met by the use of fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, natural gas). Their use leads to many destructive consequences: climate change, respiratory diseases, etc. Actively engaged in sustainable development, Air Liquide invests 60% of its Research and Development budget in solutions aiming to preserve the environment and life.

Health: improving the quality of life

Advanced countries are seeing aging populations and an accompanying desire for improved quality of life. This has led to an increase in demand for Group products and medical services. The field of health thus provides strong growth opportunities for Air Liquide. In hospitals and at home, more and more patients benefit from the wide range of Group services.

Developing economies: capturing the growth of new markets

Developing economies are building new production capacities and industrial infrastructures. The Group is pursuing its development there. Today, Developing economies amount to more than 80% of the Group's investment opportunities portfolio.

High-Tech: pushing the front line of progress

Developing more and more specialized technologies fulfills two objectives: it improves everyday life via more powerful, compact technologies that cost less; and it drives scientific progress and knowledge advancement. Air Liquide has joined forces with researchers and scientists to create innovative solutions to meet these objectives.


For over 100 years, Air Liquide has made innovation central to its strategy.

The Group develops cutting-edge solutions to meet environmental and energy challenges, the technologies of tomorrow to keep pace with our evolving lifestyles, and the expertise of tomorrow to broaden our knowledge of matter and the Universe.

  • €235 million Innovation budget
  • 8 Research Centers
  • 1,000 researchers with 30 nationalities
  • 301 new patents filed in 2010
  • Over 200 industrial and academic partnerships
Research and Development: innovation is the product of multiple talents

Within the Group, 1,000 researchers of over 30 nationalities combine their varied skills to create the innovations of tomorrow. These men and women design cutting-edge solutions. Each day, they not only contribute to accelerating the Group’s growth and optimize its industrial practices, but they also shape the world of tomorrow.

Advanced technologies: a step ahead

At the core of innovation, Advanced Technologies teams respond to one of Air Liquide’s fundamental values: the development of future technologies. The Group offers a wide variety of expertise and solutions in several advanced fields, from cryogenics and space to environmental protection and new energies.

Sustainable development

Air Liquide further engaged itself into responsibility objectives, as part of the Group strategy. This responsibility commitment is not new for Air Liquide and it goes hand in hand with the values the Group has previously expressed in its Action Principles and in its Sustainable Development Policy.