Automatic equipment

Automatic equipment


In order to develop robotics technologies through SAF-FRO network, Air Liquide Welding got Commercy Soudure 30 years of expertise.

Main figures...
  • More than 30 years of experience in robotic welding.
  • 70 people at your service for a strongh reactivity in every key functions of the activity (design department, implementation, set up, after sale service...).
  • 1300 MMA robotic welding installations in Europe.
  • 900 running installations in France, that is to say 25% of implemented installations.
  • More than 100 robots implemented by year included 70 in France.
  • 2 robots brands : Fanuc, the robots manufacturer number one in the world (> 2.000 / month) and OTC, the MMA welding specialist.
Automatic equipment

Air Liquide Welding produces a wide range of automatic equipments.

Welding automation solutions

Improve your productivity and the quality of your welding applications with the automatic solutions that Air Liquide Welding group can provide your company.

Cutting automation solutions

Whatever the cutting process, Air Liquide Welding can offer you not only equipments for your applications but solutions that provide a better quality and productivity enhancement.

  • Automatic cutting - Catalogue
  • HPC digital process
  • Drilling Unit
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